Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2009

Blogs were all the rage in 2007 and I jumped on the bandwagon. I figured I have stuff to say, I'm an illustrator and I take pics on my little digital camera, so why not do a blog? Well this sh*t is hard. Not hard like geometry, but I just don't have the time to update like I should. Damn it's been 2 years from this post to the last one...trifiling!

I like blogs, I spend a good portion of my work day at blogs; Rod 2.0, Pam's House Blend, Pretty On The Outside, SGL Cafe are some of my favorites. I realize I'm not up to do what they do. It takes some real dedication to update on a regular basis...and all of these bloggers have day jobs. web designer Simone did a bang up job on the redesign of so the least I could do is update my postings. Here are a few shots of the 2009 Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

1. I was wondering when I would see my first Lada Gaga impersonator and there she is...she even has a disco stick...go bitch!

2. Illinois Senator Roland Burris. I still think the Blagojevich appointment was tainted, but I give him props for supporting the community.

3. This shot doesn't capture just how far brotha was jumping in those spring boot wachamacallits.

4. I couldn't find my friend Carol James who was marching with the SGI gay Buddhist group, but I did get a pic of Mr. Buddhist Hotness.

5. My friend Israel's cute pug.

6. The Jeffrey Pub is one of the oldest bars in Chicago and it's located on Chicago's Black south side community. This is their first float in the Pride parade.

Peace till next time.

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