Friday, August 27, 2010

Running to raise money for HIV/AIDS

Me at Foster Beach training site after running 20 miles Saturday 8/21 for my Chicago Marathon AIDS Fundraiser. Check out my link and give whatever you can. I'm less than $300 away from my goal of raising $1600.00. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Try Again TARGET

Here is TARGET's wholly inadequate reply to my complaint. Basically that bigotry is acceptable if the end goal is making shareholders happy. Violence and discrimination against lgbt community is defined as "one candidate's stance on a particular issue". You gotta be sh*tting me!

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Target has long believed that engaging in civic activities is an important and necessary element of operating a national retail business. What's more important than any one candidate's stance on a particular issue is how we nurture thoughtful, long-term growth in the state of Minnesota.

Our support of causes and candidates is based strictly on issues that affect our retail and business objectives. To continue to grow and create jobs and opportunity in our home state, we believe it is imperative to be engaged in public policy and the political process. That is why we are members of organizations like the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce and many others. And that is why we decided to contribute to MN Forward.

MN Forward's objective is to elect candidates from both parties who will make job creation and economic growth a top priority. We operate best when working collaboratively with legislators on both sides of the aisle.  In fact, if you look at our Federal PAC contributions year to date, you will see that they are very balanced between Republicans and Democrats. For more information please visit, and view the Civic Activity page.

Target has a large stake in Minnesota's future, which is why it is so important to be able to provide jobs, serve guests, support communities and deliver on our commitment to shareholders. As an international business that is proud to call Minnesota home, it is critical that we have a business environment that allows us to be competitive. Our guests, team members, communities and shareholders depend on Target to remain competitive.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.


Jennifer Hanson
Target Executive Offices