Sunday, December 3, 2006

Popin' Book Review

It's been a few months since I read From Top to Bottom by Michael-Christopher. What stuck with me is that Michael approached the whole concept of sexual positioning which isn't really talked about in the gay/bi/same gender loving community. It is assumed that you are either a top or a bottom. With that identity comes all the baggage of masculinity, character traits, personality, and mannerisms which we are taught should match what position you take in bed.

Virgil, the main character is propositioned during an out of town business trip. Already in a relation ship as a bottom, he is asked by a handsome stranger to be a top. When he returns home, this request colors his relationship with a confirmed 100% top, and his close knit friendship with his three buddies. The story not only unfolds as Virgil questions whether he must be confined to the bottom role, but causes his friends to examine their own identities and that of their boyfriends.

The Chicago reading and booksigning was sponsored by Adodi-Chicago and held at Cafe Nine 17. From Top to Bottom is a great and entertaining read by one of today's most prolific writer/illustrators.

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